Hike – Angrej Ali, Gurinder Rai & Aman Hayer


Hike is the new single from the Music Mind label. The new Punjabi song Hike sees UK producer Aman Hayer collaborating with Angrej Ali and Gurinder Rai. Lyrics for Hike are penned by Kulwant Sekhon and the only question we have is this – Which Angrej Ali are we going to get?

Thankfully it seems working with Aman Hayer is Angrej Ali’s safety blanket. This is a return to the desi Angrej Ali style that Punjabi music listeners became fans of. No more gangsta flex, no more macho pomp, just singing and delivering. Gurinder Rai bounces off Angrej Ali well in this duet and the song has a fresh feel to it. Why it is called Hike though? Guess the singers will need to answer that. Two solid vocal performances.

Hike is the first production of 2020 from Aman Hayer. This week the UK based producer confirmed that he would be releasing Groundshaker 3, so if this is a prelude to that, we should be excited. The Vaja pieces, the dhol rolls and the pace of the song all scream Bhangra. If this is a hint of what is to come then, bring it on, and bring it on quick.

Check out the video to Hike by Angrej Ali, Gurinder Rai & Aman Hayer here;

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