Himanshi Enters Bigg Boss Set & The Reaction From Shehnaz Gill Is Errmmm.. WOW


As a Punjabi man, I am used to seeing these kinds of tantrums. Usually from children though. Shehnaz Gill has been parading around the Bigg Boss set in India as a straight-up Punjaban. All that bravado soon went out the window when the latest guest on the show was revealed. Yep, you guessed Himanshi Khurana has entered the building.

Not even we could have foreseen such a reaction from Shehnaz Gill to Himanashi Khurana. This was exactly like a little child throwing a tantrum in a supermarket! Tears, fists and screaming. Shehnaz Gill has gone from being that Punjaban with swag to a Punjabi child in a matter of hours after her latest outburst.

Check out the videos below that show Himanshi entering the Bigg Boss set and Shenaz Gill’s reaction to seeing her join the cast!! Check out the full Himanshi v Shehnaz Gill bee story here (Just click the link)


Check out the full Himanshi Shehnaz Gill bee story here:

Bigg Boss News- Himanshi Khurana v Shenaz Gill – Is Back On


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