Himanshi Khurana Speaks Up For Punjabi Canadian Students


One lady on social media that makes you take note is Himanshi Khurana, whether she is keeping trolls at bay with her direct responses or tackling other artists who set to attack her character, Himanshi always fronts up!

Having recently visited Canada, Himanshi felt the need to take to social media and raise the issue of how Punjabi students are being treated by fellow Punjabi’s, reports Ghaint Punjab.

Over the last two years issues among Punjabi Canadian settlers and Punjabi students have become very tense with some of the Punjabi community leaders in Canada asking for a block on students coming to Canada due to the problems the students cause. Himanshi having witnessed the plight of these students took to social media to air her thoughts.

Check out the video here via our friends at Ghaint Punjab.


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