Himmat Sandhu – Voice Of Punjab 2nd Runner Up, Yet Owning 2018?


Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, and if that defeat is televised across the whole of Punjab in front of an estimated 10m viewers, then it is even harder to take and deal with, unless you are Himmat Sandhu.

Himmat Sandhu had taken PTC’s Voice of Punjab season 7 by storm, his renditions of Bindrakhia hits won him a huge amount of fans and he looked set to be the winner of the singing contest, but alas it was not to be, as he finished 2nd runner up to Amar Sehmbi, who went on to release Aankhi. The song and the video were an fitting finale to a great season, and the song managed to gain momentum, though it did not last long.

Himmat Sandhu, could have been forgiven for “going off on one” and sulking for a period time, as many people saw him as the winner, but in true Punjabi spirit, he did not rest on his laurels, within a matter of days he was in the studio and back on social media ensuring his new found fans that he would be releasing very soon.

Himmat, did not just end 2017 on a high note, but has really managed to make 2018 his year too. Whilst other singers have took many plaudits for their work this year, Himmat has continued to build a solid foundation on social media and among fans across the globe.  He has managed to grow his fan base and is now in big demand. A consistent string of hits, he really has made some serious noise, and as music fans we are very very grateful!

His latest single is being played everywhere you go in Punjab, his demand is growing and the number of producers wishing to work with him is growing daily, do not be late to the party, get yourself some alone time and stick on some Himmat Sandhu as he is the Punjabi music industries real success story of 2018!

Check out Himmat’s latest release “Rayban” here:


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