Hip Hop Producer Timbaland Shares His Love Of Sikh Dhadi Music


Legendary Hip Hop producer Timbaland is not averse to throwing curveballs. He has worked with Punjabi artists and has openly spoken about the influence of Indian music on him as a producer.

But, even this was a bit leftfield for him, on his latest Instagram story Timbaland has posted up a video Sikh Dhadis singing. He has commented on the quality of the vocals. Rightly so as these are simply amazing. Let’s hope Timbaland gets to work with Dhadi’s as Sikhs do have stories to tell and this our artform called dhadi is very much underrated outside of our religion. The Dhadi group is Mehal Singh Dhadhi jatha.


What is Dhadi:

Dhadi (Punjabi: ਢਾਡੀ (Gurmukhi), Dhādi), also spelt as Dhadhi, is one who sings ballads using Dhadd and Sarangi, the folk instruments of Punjab. According to Kahn Singh Nabha’s Mahan Kosh the definition of dhadhi is “One who sings ballads of warriors playing Dhadd”. Dhadis are a distinct group performers emerged in the time of Sikh gurus.

The word Dhadi can be translated in English to be a minstrel or bard. The word is used several times in the Sikh religious text, Guru Granth Sahib, in the meaning of humbleness. In his compositions, Nanak called himself a Dhadhi of God. The word also appears in the writing of the third, fourth and fifth Guru and Bhagat Namdev


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