Honey Singh Celebrating His Loca Release Talks Lyrical Content And Rehab


Honey Singh is celebrating an amazing debut for his new single Loca. The song Loca has amassed over 20 million organic views on Youtube and has been streamed over 2 million times also. Honey Singh was today talking to the gathered press and was once again asked about the content of his songs.

One thing always labelled at Pop star-composer Yo Yo Honey Singh, is that he promotes alcoholism through his lyrics. Honey Singh responded to the questions saying alcohol is an important aspect of partying and celebrating and adds that the day the government stops giving licenses to open wine and liquor shops, he will end references to alcohol in his songs.

The local press in Mumbai also asked Honey Singh about the peak of his career a few years back. Questions were asked about him entering rehab owing to alcoholism. Honey Singh responded:

“I never went to rehab, Iknow that there are a lot of reports that are circulating around me and my life, I don’t drink now, and I repeat I never went to rehab” countered Honey Singh, adding: “Whenever you party then alcohol is the biggest reason to do so. You can’t avoid that. In fact, our governments give license to open wine shops and liquor shops. The day they stop doing that, we will also put an end to the mention of alcohol in our songs.”
Does he exercise caution now, while writing a song? “I try to write lyrics as per my understanding, but if someone suggests me to write easy lyrics then I do that, too,” the singer replied.

Check out Loca by Honey Singh here:

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