Hor Ni Peeni – Bups Saggu Gives You The Lowdown On His Latest Release That Broke The Top 100


So the track ” Hor Ni Peeni” by Bups Saggu was released on 10th May, the promo’s where flying out left right and center, but they did not really give much away, at around 4pm on the first day of release yesterday the song charted in the Mainstream top 100, so we got hold of Bups and said, explain the track to the fans of Bhangra music and let us here at Daily Ent. Xpress carry your words to the masses lol.

So, Bups what is the new track about?

The new song is a fully fledged Desi fun shun gaana.
Hor Ni Peeni is a classic phrase used by many when they have had a few too many, so why not make a song about it.
Yes we have a lot of drinking songs in the Punjabi music catalogue, but when a song is catchy there is no denying it needs to be added to that list! Binder Nawepindia (writer of Moorni) shared the simple hook with me and click, I was hooked and knew, I definitely wanted to do this song. Simultaneously I was in conversation with Sahib (who sang PMC’s Picha Ni Chad Di) and it all pretty much came together as his tone and vocal ability was what I needed to execute this track!
The video is shot by Tapehead who I have worked with previously and I am very proud of the video. It is fun…comical…colourful and super energetic!

Is Bups all about india now?

No., I have never been all about India or UK or any particular market, I do not restrict myself like that especially when it comes to Desi or Urban Asian music. My catalogue is evidence of this. Let us look at 2017 till now, I’ve had a pick-a-mix of releases and remixes to keep my world fanbase/following happy. This year will be the same, I’m going to try and bring bangers both East and West!

Is the world is getting smaller so artists need to think more outside the box.

If only artists did this time back. Ever since I’ve entered this business as a solo artist I have been trying to push the boundaries.
I’ve won battles and lost battles, but the main thing is breaking the norm and continuing to push myself . More artists are doing this now, why? the amount of releases every week now is staggering, you can’t keep up!
I think its great however. It will do two things:
1) It will make artists work harder than ever to stand tall, everyone has to be unique
2) it will also filter out some artists,  who have previously had working formulas THAT are failing in this age, thus they need to apply the first and work harder, we all need to adapt as time moves forward. The grass is always green on the other side, is the saying, you just need to start making the climb and change course if needed or should i reiterate…”adapt” to the change.

Hor Ni Peeni is out on all digital platforms now and Video is also out now so please check it out!

The sun is shining…so what better tune to enjoy the heat and drinks to , than – HOR NI PEENI!


Check out the latest Punjabi Song from Bups Saggu “Hor Ni Peeni” here


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