Girldfriend Pours Hot Oil Over Boyfriend Because He Forgot To Mention He Was Marrying Someone Else!


Some ex-partners can be so much hassle and for Umesh Joshi, his proved almost deadly as she went looking for him on his wedding day. We say ex but Umesh had forgotten to tell her that he was about to get married to someone else!

The incident took place on Sunday morning just hours prior to Umesh’s wedding in Uttar Pradesh’s  Anupshahr area. The woman who has not been identified by the police was still the partner of Umesh in her eyes. Umesh admitted to police he ‘forgot’ to mention he was due to get married.

Upon finding out that 22-year-old Umesh was set to get married his ‘girlfriend’ set about paying him a visit. It was approx 4am when she entered Umeshs house whilst he was sleeping and threw hot mustard oil all over him before he could wake up. She then fled the scene leaving Umesh squealing out loud.

Basanti, Umeshs mother told police that she thought it was Umesh’s girlfriend who had committed the crime as she was trying to force Umesh to marry her and not this new bird. When the police arrived at the girlfriend’s house she confessed to the crime and said that she had been used by Umesh for sex and that she wanted revenge.

Umesh was taken to hospital with burns to his face and body and the girlfriend was charged, no new date is has been set for the wedding as the new brides family have stated that they need to be sure that the burning has not left any permanent scars, as their daughter will then need to look elsewhere.

“The accused is under arrest. During the investigation, it was established that the substance was hot mustard oil and not acid. Hence, the police will take remand under section 327 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapon/means) said Atul Kumar Chaubey, from Annopshahr CO.


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