How Do You Follow Daru Badnaam? Param Singh & Kamal Kahlon Try With Jhanjar


One of the biggest hits of 2018, and THE biggest surprise hit was “Daru Badnaam” on VIP Records by singers Param Singh & Kamal Kahlon, and now it is time for the follow up single, not easy when you have 180 million viewers to satisfy!

The new single “Jhanjar” is very much in the style of “Daru Badnaam” it has a lazy chilled out feel, and makes easy listening. The production though similar, is more polished and gives the track a real touch of panache. The new track, back to back with Daru Badnaam works really well, but will it catch fire?

Time will tell, it is just good to have new material from the guys and it is a track that we really enjoyed, what do you guys make of it?


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