I Stopped Wearing My Turban & Lost Myself


We all know people, or we are Individuals who at a young age have made the decision to remove ones joora or Turban.  Many have talked about the feeling of emptiness years after the initial ‘freedom’ such a move decision bought about. The BBC has shot a short film with Jaskanwal Singh about his own decision to remove his Turban and then return to it years after.

Jaskanwal Singh lives in Toronto, and got badly bullied at school for his turban. To stop the bullying and become more popular he decided to stop wearing a turban. He also felt girls would find him more attractive if he cut his hair. For 19 years he didn’t wear a turban and while he became more popular he also started binge drinking and felt unfulfilled.

Last year he stopped drinking and decided to wear a turban again. He now helps young Sikhs who get bullied at school for their turbans.


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