If Punjabi Rap and Wordplay Is Your Thing – Sultaan – I Am The Future


The commercial scene in Punjab is vibrant and currently seeing growth like never before, songs are trending globally artists are embarking on big international tours and on top of that Punjabi cinema is having a record year, but like every scene that has a successful commercial face, you have to scratch away at the surface if you wish to under cover some new and exciting gems.

The desi hip hop scene is not as underground as it was and many of the desi rappers have now become as commercial as the Lays ad’s on TV that you see, but when the underground is not paying the bills, the commercial paydays become more and more tempting.

One new artist may look to buck that trend, his name ‘Sultaan’, The Punjabi rapper, and if you are looking for an element of realness in your music than ‘Sultaan’ may just appeal to you. A hard edged vocal delivery coupled with amazingly clever wordplay see’s Sultaan take you on his musical journey. What impresses the most is that the his musical journey then resonates with you the individual listener! It becomes your journey, and their are not many Punjabi rappers who have had the ability to do this!

We here at Daily Ent. Xpress will hopefully be touching base with Sultaan over the next few days to get him to talk about his journey, but for now, switch yourself off to the world and press play, all 10 songs are included in the YouTube link, and the Spotify link is also added for you use if that is your preferred option.


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