If Punjabi Singers Were Boxers? Who is The Punjabi Mike Tyson?


Punjabi Singers, they love a good macho song, and with that comes pride, passion, sweat and tears. Boxers on the other hand very rarely listen to Punjabi music, but do they not realize that Punjabi music is made for boxing, the hype, the pomp and pure brutality of the art form surely makes it perfect for boxing. So we got our thinking caps and got to thinking which singers would be which boxers? After much dilly dallying we came to the list below, agree or not? We are sure Mr Eddie Hearn needs to look at adding some Bhangra tracks to his squads ring walks!!! Bruuuuaaaahhhhhh

 Muhammad Ali

Looked upon by all inside and outside of the sport of boxing as the greatest ever, he skills inside the ring, and his ability to captivate audiences are legendary. People talk about his fights with passion and remember fondly all that he gave to the game of boxing. Now, imagine if everything that we wrote above was about a Punjabi singer? Then you know what, there can only be one singer who compares to the greatest boxer and this is Kuldip Manak.

Mike Tyson

A beast of a fighter, Mike Tyson, scared the shit out of people, they knew they were up against one of the best ever, and he was daunting, the public loved him, he always ensured he gave us his all and he never failed to entertain. His power punches and his ability to just attack out of nowhere, well we had (RIP) a vocalist like that on the Punjabi scene and his name was Surjit Bindrakhia.

Lennox Lewis 

Lennox Lewis, a man who came from Canada to find a place in British hearts, then from there managed to sell himself to the world with his amazing boxing ability, A boxing hall of fame member and rightly so, one of the best ever, and the Punjabi singer who followed in those Canadian footsteps to the UK shores? Got to be Jazzy B

Floyd Mayweather Jnr

A tactician inside the ring, you can not get close enough to Mayweather to land a punch on him, he defies age, he sets records and has an amazingly loyal fan base, love him or hate him, he does what he does to the best of his ability and he is seen as Number 1, because of his honesty! Ring any bells as to who this might well be? How about Punjab’s very own King of The Ring – Babbu Maan

Roy Jones Jnr

Roy Jones Jnr, he had all the skill and talent you could ever wish to see, he was a real showman in the ring, he toyed with opponents before landing killer blows, the crowd loved seeing him live and he was mobbed wherever he went. His career towards the end took some very strange turns and he took some silly fights in-search of paydays, which was a shame, but it never damaged the reputation he had built up from the start of his career. The Punjabi Roy Jones Jnr? Balwinder Safri


Prince Naseem Hamed

What can you say, speed, skill and style, he burst onto the scene and gave the public great fight after fight, whatever he seemed to touch just turned to gold, the public eagerly awaited his next fight, the man had people in the palm of his hand, but eventually that over exposure led to people getting a bit tired of him and when he came up against the great Barrera, he was found wanting. So which Punjabi Singer gave us hit after hit, milked it then struggled when it came to maintaining it? Lehmber Hussainpuri

Anthony Joshua 

The new British world heavyweight champion, his got a power punch, his shaken up a division that was becoming very boring, his young, big and dangerous, some great skills and the ability to ensure that all look upon him with awe and wish to be a part of his team, but we also know that he has many tricky fights ahead which will test him fully. The Punjabi singer that has arrived with a bang packing a punch, and knows he faces a tricky path, it can only be Sidhu Moosewala

Amir Khan

Comes from a loyal fan base, where he can do now wrong, he disappears, then comes back with some kind of stunning revelation. He has embraced new technology and become comfortable sitting in-front of a camera for his fans, “I’m a celebrity” was a great example of him being comfortable and acting fun in-front of a camera. So who would you pitch as the Punjabi Amir Khan? Well it has to be another Khan, Imran Khan, a man who also loves big events and new technology, and when it comes to loyal fans these two have them in abundance.

David Haye

David Haye, the one time World Champion, who has called off more fights than I have had dates, the man has it all, the skill, speed and chin, but every new dawn seems to be false, will he turn it around? Will he deliver again? The Punjabi David Haye, Malkit Singh, he has had a great career just like Haye, and just like Haye he teased much with his latest releases but never delivered, how many more times will the public stick with Haye or Malkit?



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