If This Is The Actress Who Is Playing Bilbeero Bhabi? Than We Get Ghukkar’s Actions!


Earlier this month we alongside our friends at Ghaint Punjab gave you the news that Babbu Maan was shooting his latest film ‘Sucha Soorma’. This led to a lot of excitement on social media even though very little else was known about who was starring in the film.

The role of Bilbeero Bhabi is pivotal to the success of the movie. suggestions had been made by Gurwinder from Ghaint Punjab that maybe Mahie Gill maybe used as she has worked with Amitoj Gill previously.

Well it has now being confirmed that Punjabi actress Sameksha Singh has been signed for the film, and you know what? She is great choice, a good actor who knows how to play demanding roles.

Sameksha as Bilbeero? Well You Can See Why She Made Heads Turn!

Check out the original article about the film Sucha Soorma starring Babbu Maan here.


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