Ikko Mikke Satinder Sartaaj – New Punjabi Song 2020


It’s Valentines week, so what better than a new Punjabi song from Satinder Sartaaj, this is Ikko Mikke. This latest Satinder Sartaaj song is the title track to the forthcoming movie Ikko Mikka. The release date for the film starring Adit Sharma and Sartaaj is March 13.

Those dulcet tones, that clever wordplay. Satinder Sartaj draws you into any of his tracks as soon as he starts singing. Even though Ikko Mikke (soulmates) is a filmi song, Sartaaj still lures you in with his smile and charm.

Beat Minister is the producer and once again he shows he is more than just a one-trick pony. We have chords, pieces, layered patterns with a really clever bottom end. Beat Ministers work with Satinder Sartaaj always sees him raise the bar for himself. It’s fantastic to see a producer pigeonholed as one thing being able to show off such a varied skill set.

Ikko Mikka is one for romantic music fans. The dreamy feel to the song and video will get you pressing repeat. Aditi Sharma who is the lead in the movie really does help cement a great video. For all Sartaaj fans and Punjabi music fans Ikko Mikke is a great start to the 100’s of songs being released for Valentine’s day.

Song Title: Ikko Mikke Title Track Singer/Lyrics/Composer: Satinder Sartaaj Music: Beat Minister Mix & Master: Sameer Charegaonkar Label: Saga Music Online Review: Daily Entertainment Xpress

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