ILL Advised Or Trying To Get A Reaction? WAHEGURU feat. Nitty Scott


Meditation is great, taking the spiritual journey towards Sikhi is a path that is open to all. But please do not take this journey or Sikhi teachings for granted! Understand them learn from them then spread the message! This from Nitty Scott and Juan Johnson is a disgrace! Did they do any research into Sikhi before putting this out?

“This song is dedicated to every soul in the world. We , know that the power of ourselves is the greatest experience. Meditation can save the world.”

The above is the message displayed in the bio of the video. It is a pity that Nitty Scott and Juan Johnson never thought about the souls they would be offending with this release and video! The intentions of the video are pretty clear as went the video went live all comments were disabled! They want hype!

Juan Johnson – Instagram and Nitty Scott Instagram are available by clicking on the link, they can take away the comments but they need to be told.


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