‘I’m not sorry for what happened’ Say Pair Who Racially Attacked A Taxi Driver


Shocking footage was shown at Hull Magistrates Court of two women lashing out in a taxi before hurling racist abuse at the driver by calling him a “p***”.

Lucy Shann, 29, and Abbie White, 18, caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to Ako Swara’s cab in the early hours of the morning on February 17.

The taxi driver had picked up the two ladies from Hull city centre at around 4am. However, after dropping them off at their intended destination, the two women “refused to pay the fare”, according to prosecutor Laura Wickens, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

Speaking at Hull Magistrates Court, she said: “They refused to pay so the taxi driver locked the doors and as a result, the two became abusive.

“They called him a p*** and accused him of kidnapping them before getting their phones out to call the police. The taxi took them to the police station where they were arrested.”

The two cousins who violently lashed out at the taxi driver have spoken out and revealed the reasons behind their “wild” antics.

Lucy Shann and Abbie White have been captured on camera causing damage to Ako Swara’s taxi in the early hours of the morning on February 17.

Both have pleaded guilty to racially aggravated criminal damage with 29-year-old Lucy admitting to calling the 33-year-old driver a “P***” in the heat of the moment.

Abbie, who is 18, and lives in Burlington Road, east Hull, can be seen kicking out at the door several times during the journey across Hull which took place at around 4am.

It is the first time she has been convicted of a crime but she is not sorry for her actions which caused £300 worth of damage to Mr Swara’s car.

‘I’m not sorry for what happened’

Speaking after her appearance before Hull Magistrates Court, she said: “I don’t want to apologise because it was not my fault.

“We got in the taxi and we had £6 on us. We didn’t have enough money so when we got to my auntie’s address on Rustenburg Street I offered to stay in the taxi while my cousin [Lucy] went to run in and get some money.

“But he locked the doors and Lucy didn’t even leave the taxi. We even offered to the taxi driver to knock on my auntie’s door because we were off by £1.50.

“He locked the doors and we were scared. It was two girls and a man who we didn’t know locking the doors and driving off.”

‘I was scared’
Abbie says she cannot remember using racist taunts during the journey but says it is probable that she did because she was so “irate”.

She is adamant that she did nothing wrong and only acted the way she did out of fear.

Abbie said: “From my point of view I didn’t do anything wrong. He had no right to lock the doors on us and start driving off.

“I remember damaging the taxi and I don’t regret it. I was scared and I wanted to get out. Any normal person would do the same.”

“I’m not racist in the slightest and that is the first time I’ve used that language,” Lucy said. “But we were drunk and scared and he was laughing at us. It felt like he was egging us on to kick off.

“I would like to apologise for the way things have gone and for calling him racist names. I want to apologise too for the damage caused but I also want him to understand the situation he put us in because we were scared.”

The story can be read in full at the Hull Daily Mail.


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