Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery That Some Can Pay To Greatness!


Dil Yaaran De was tune! It blew up the scene in India and Gurj Sidhu had a hit on his hands, the producers of the song Kaos Productions delivered some crazy production on the song. The song impressed not just music lovers but also those who wish to become just like Kaos in the production game.

In-fact, it inspired budding producers to re-create the track and then show others how it was done, this is some next level of imitation!

Having spoke with the creator, he told me it took him 2 months to do, and you know what, he has done a great job and we are just glad that our music is inspiring people to take up the game, to be honest we are well impressed with what Karan Productions has done, and he has made it clear, it is our beat and he loves our work so fair play to him – Kaos Productions Amo 

Check out the original and then the ‘inspired’ version below


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