Important Information: What You Can Do To Get British Citizens Back Home!


All British tourists and short-stay travellers currently abroad should return to the UK where and while commercial flight options are still available. Those were the words of the Foreign Secretary yesterday. Many of us have relatives who are stuck in India at this present moment in time and trying to organise a flight is proving to be impossible. Even if you do not have relatives in India at the moment, please follow the information below and help with the return of British Citizens.

We need to urge Boris Johnson to put on rescue flights to ensure the safe return of British citizens. Having spoken with Harjap Bhangal this morning he has advised us to ensure this message gets out to all.

We need all Heston residents to write to their local MP and request that Boris Johnson puts on flights to get British Citizens home. These flights have been put on for other countries, now, we need to ensure the pressure is applied to get our families home.

MP for Feltham and Heston Seema Malhotra has acted swiftly and has already contacted Boris Johnson to act. Her letter is here for you all to read;

Harjap Bhangal: “We urge everyone with relatives stuck in India to contact their local MP’s and get them to write a similar letter to Boris Johnson. By doing this we can apply pressure for our relatives to be bought back home” 

So please screenshot the above letter and send it to your local MP asking them to also act as swiftly as Seema Malhotra.

The only way we can get British citizens back from India will be by applying pressure on our MP’s. This will then force India and the British Government to act and hopefully get our British Citizens home.

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