InaiksBeats – An Introduction & The New Song ‘Taur’ feat. Radhika Gore


One thing has always intrigued us, Yorkshire, it gave us the game changers RDB and we always thought that they would be the catalyst for more producers and artists to come out of that area of the UK, but very little since then has emerged, until now. Leeds based Punjabi music producer InaiksBeats is setting out to put Yorkshire back on the Punjabi music scene!

InaiksBeats, 22, is from Leeds, and he has just released his debut production ‘Taur’ featuring the vocals of US based vocalist Radhika Gore.

We caught up with InaiksBeats and asked him to give you the listening public an insight into who he is and what he is about:

My journey began around the age of 10/11, I first taught myself how to play the guitar then quickly moved onto learning how to play keyboard. Through recording instruments, I found myself exploring with music software and quickly discovered how to compose songs.

Up until the age of 20 I spent my time working with artists from the UK, America and Canada on RnB and Hip Hop projects, I’m thankful for getting my first radio play on BBC Asian Network for a single I produced with a fellow artist from Leeds. Through university I learned how to dance and competed nationally at some of the UK’s largest Bhangra Competitions.

I was producing mixes for other bhangra teams within the UK and America for their competitions and had a desire to produce a Panjabi single of my own one day.

I came across Radhika as I created a Bhangra Team Mix for her old team in America, I then proposed the idea to her and she was keen to work.

I began creating the single in October 2018, spending a total of five months on this project. Producing ‘Taur’ has been an incredible journey, and I’m thankful for all the support I’ve been provided with, especially being a young producer with a debut Panjabi song. The single is available on all digital platforms including; iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

Nothing but best wishes from us here at Daily Ent. Xpress and we hope to hear more from InaiksBeats in the up coming months, all the links are provided below to check out his new Punjabi song Taur feat. Radhika Gore.


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