InaiksBeats Billi Akh Feat. Luv Singh! Representing The North!


Following up from his successful debut single ‘Taur’ InaiksBeats is back with his new single ‘Billi Akh’. The song features singer Luv Singh from Belgium and this is one for those hot long summer nights!!

InaiksBeats took time out his busy schedule to talk to us at Daily Entertainment Xpress check out the interview  here:

DEX: Since your release what do you think is the biggest thing that has happened to you that you was not prepared for

I believe that the love and support I’ve received since my debut single is quite possible the biggest thing that has happened to me. It’s a great feeling knowing that so many people both support and enjoy my music, especially some artists who I’d never imagine to reach out to me; DjHarpz, DJFrenzy etc. It was also great to see that Taur made track of the week on BBC Asian Network, I’m very thankful to Harpz for showing so much love! Music is a great passion of mine and to have people from UK, Canada and Australia all supporting my work is truly unreal!

DEX: As a relatively young individual do you feel the new artists are feeling the burden of the old UK scene & trying to revive it?

The UK has always been known for it’s unique Panjabi music industry. Great music is consistently being releasing and I’m honoured to also be a part of the contributors that push out their hard work for others to enjoy. Panjabi music may have slowed down recently with more content being released from India and Canada, but the high quality of our singers and producers still remains! This is especially noticeable up north and more specifically in Leeds, where not as much content gets released here. My aim is to continue to release projects and offer enjoyable music for all. It’s great to see that many new producers like myself have come onto the UK scene, offering their own unique touch.

DEX: Finally, how did ‘Billi Akh’ come about

Luv Singh (the singer on this record) approached me after hearing my debut single ‘Taur’. I began drafting beats and we came to a final decision. The song itself was made in a few weeks, and was ready to be released. However, we both decided that a music video would be great for the song due to it having that UK vibe and being very upbeat. As Luv is from Belgium, I flew over and we began the entire filming process. This was a great opportunity for me with it being my first music video. The single is now out, and I’m excited for you all to hear it. I can guarantee it’s the perfect summer jam!

Nothing but love for InaiksBeats and really appreciate him taking the time out to talk to us. Just two more things, turn it up loud and check out the summer vibes of ‘Billi Akh’……..

Listen on Spotify:

InaiksBeats Billi Akh feat. Luv Singh Song credits: Lyrics: Luv Singh Video: Param Kapoor Editing: Karan Sandhu Graphic Design: Ksxingh Online Promotion: 360 Worldwide Label: IB Records


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