Inder Singh Bassi Interview – Talking Debut, Sikh Fans & Turning Pro


Inder Singh Bassi Interview: MTK Global confirmed two months ago a whole of host of new talent signed up to its camp. Young Sikh boxer Inder Singh Bassi was among that new group of fighters. Inder has now confirmed that December 14th is the date that has been set aside for his pro-debut. The fight will be a part of the MTK Golden Contract fight night, which is Live on Sky Sports.

Inder Singh Bassi was speaking about his debut fight and how things have changed since he has become pro. Paperwork, Scans it is now already more than just turning up at the gym and fighting. Bassi went on the tell IFL TV his story about how he was instrumental in getting the beard ban law changed in boxing. The interview also sees Inder talk about Inder wanting to connect with his Sikh fan base,

Check out the Inder Singh Bassi interview here with IFL TV:


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