India Police And Those Arrest Pics


The guys at @Realdespardes are all law abiding citizens, and some are even in community watch schemes, apparently. Yet, we feel it is because they have a secret desire to be in one of these India Police arrest pictures.

We all want our 15 minutes of fame, so why not the arresting cops, but the way in which they go about it sometimes is rather strange. here are some of our favorites for you to enjoy, and the last one is simply amazing.

The budget for masks was spent on shades for the arresting officer, looks like the criminals were afforded pillow cases with holes!

Fair enough you have arrested him, but why the shades lads, are his eyes evil?

These guys were arrested for stealing bikes, so before they left the scene of the crime, they were asked to pose like an 80’s UK Bhangra album photo!

The best thing about this, the lack of uniformity with the holes 

No face masks for these, just bandannas, do you reckon they could have squeezed anymore into the room? 

How many police officers does it take to catch one guy? They all taking credit for this guy!

The army, please you guys are our last hope, don’t you guys give into this craze too…

Car boot sale, £5 the lot? 3 criminals at the front, surrounded by non uniform secret police, well they were secret 

She paraded around as a fake cop, so, why not dress her up as one for that special moment, the rest of the officers do not seem to keen on the idea though.

& this, to be honest, if I was the arresting officer in this NASA fraud scam operation, I’d have dressed them up in their fake space suits too!!



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