India: Two Boys In Love With The Same Girl Die After Setting Each Other Ablaze


In a shocking incident, two students aged 16, died after setting each other ablaze after consuming liquor. The incident occurred in Telangana’s Jagtiyal town, about 190 km from Hyderabad, on Sunday night.

Both students, Mahender and Ravi, were classmates at a missionary school. They allegedly took this step following a clash over an affair with the same girl. She is also the student of the same school. According to the police, both were in love with the same girl. They allegedly poured petrol before setting each other on fire, when they could not agree upon who should continue seeing her.

K Mahender died on the spot while Ravi Teja, who sustained critical injuries, died in a hospital.

The families of the two boys claimed that a third boy was also present at the spot. The police are checking if this is true but as yet have been unable to confirm that this is correct.

Beer bottles and mobile phones were found by the police at the scene. Mobile phone data of the deceased is being analysed.


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