India V New Zealand – The ‘Where To Watch’ Desi Grills/Pub Guide


India v New Zealand: It’s all getting a bit tasty at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019! And you know us, anything tasty and we are all over it! Over the last 24 hours, we have had that many messages from people asking which desi pubs are showing the semi-final between India and New Zealand.

So rather than us getting in touch with everyone individually here is our guide as to where to watch the semi-final tomorrow whilst feasting on a juicy desi grill. Now, we have divided the venues up to the first innings or second, but that is only our suggestions, as sitting in one venue for more than 3/4 hours does become testing. We have also thrown into the mix an all-day/family-friendly option as cricket is a long day and kid-friendly places are a must for some.

Please Note Most Venues Are Serving Food From 1pm

Handsworth First Innings – The Grove 

Handsworth Second Innings – Soho Tavern

All-day/Family – New Hen and Chickens

West Bromwich First Innings – Soho Oak

West Bromwich Second Innings – The Sportsman

All-day/Family – The New Hen and Chickens

Oldbury First Innings – New Cottage

Oldbury second innings – Manchester Stores

All-day/Family – The Yew Tree

Southall First Innings – The Scotsman

Southall second innings –  The Price of Wales

All-day/ Family – Masala & Coal 

Leicester First innings – Indian Queen

Leicester Second Innings – The Indian @3 Kilns

All-day/Family – The Sports Lounge Oadby

Coventry First innings – The New Haven

Coventry second innings – The Horseshoe Bar

All-day/Family –  The Shire Grill 

Derby First Innings – The Pear Tree

Derby Second Innings – The Chestnut

Walsall First Innings – Broadway Bar & Grill

Walsall Second Innings –  The Bradford Arms

Wolverhampton First Innings – The Builders

Wolverhampton Second Innings – Parkfield Central Bar & Grill

All/Day Family Jacks Bar & Cafe

Not convinced by our choices? Why not check out the 76 venues we have visited around the country here and make up your own mind!



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