India: Youth Goes To Police To Report Stolen Item??!!


Having watched hundreds and thousands of those ‘Dukhi’ Instagram and Tik Tok videos this comes as no surprise, In-fact we are surprised it has taken this long.

The Police in Nagpur were surprised when a young male came to the station to report a crime, the crime – someone had stole his heart!

The young man stated that the accused, was a girl who had “stolen” his heart and left him weak and unable to function, all due to his ‘stolen heart’.

The police officer on-shift was just as perplexed as us, as to what to do with the youth who refused to leave the station. The officer then contacted his superiors who came to the conclusion that there is no section under Indian laws that deal with such complaints.

Finally, the policemen told the youth they don’t have a solution to his problem and turned him away.

The incident was shared by Nagpur Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay last week during a programme where the police department returned stolen articles worth Rs 82 lakh to their respective owners. Unfortunately the youth’s heart was not among the items returned.

Interacting with the media, Upadhyay, in a lighter vein, said, “We can return stolen articles, but sometimes we also get such complaints which even we cannot solve.”


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