Indian Gender Equality Organisation Perform Pooja To Eradicate Feminism


The organisation ‘Save India Family’ which promotes gender equality has held a Pooja (prayer ritual) to eradicate feminism from the country! Yeah, gender equality did you say?

According to news reports, a poster of the ‘pooja’ was launched by the organization. It mentioned that we have entered an era of “digital mob lynching” where the men are the victims.

A spokesperson from the organization reportedly said, “Feminism in India is no longer about gender equality. It is only about seeking dominance and oppressing men. Feminists only care about rights without responsibilities. They want equality but they use men.” He also said that the feminists are ‘pishachinis’ (witches).

This ‘Pishachini Mukti Pooja’ and ‘Pindadaan’ (a post-death ritual performed by children of the deceased) is doing wonders on social media. Have a look at some of the tweets.


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