Indian Style – DeepDolla$, We Interview The Producers XD Pro Music


It has been gathering pace and momentum, what has?
Let us explain, the album is called Indian Style by DeepDolla$, produced by XD Pro music. Bobby Friction is in love with it, and globally it is slowly reaching the masses, we have included the whole album for you here to listen to,go hit play on the link and then have a read of the interview and let us see what the producers had to say, we got them to sit, chill and take a minute for an exclusive interview!

What was the vision for the album, as it feels very different to other projects out their at the moment.

When we went to see Deep, it was just to see what we can create. We never had an album in mind. Most we thought was we would come up with a few samples to maybe make a track or two.

So an album was never the plan ?

The vibe just clicked. Deep is a natural when comes on the mic – he never wrote a word; the man freestyle’d the whole album! Musically we just wanted the natural and organic vibe to come out through the beats. All beats were made in Cali capturing the vibe of what was around us and experiences.

Did you feel making the beats in Cali, was a risk, as it was outside of your natural environment ?

We’d say our whole musical journey has been about taking risks. We grew up in an age of traditional folk music but also Hip Hop, Reggae, DubStep, Electro. It has always been our mission to create a sound that blends everything we listened to growing up. We have benefited from being in a very cultural diverse environment.

So not a risk, did, Deep share that vision

Deep had a very similar up bringing and the process was very natural and organic. Our focus was on developing a new sound in Punjabi industry that people never heard before

What song was completed first for the album, and is it slightly more precious to you than the others?

The first song we did was New Mirza and this will always stay special to us. It started with a guitar loop on repeat and some rough reggae style drums. The majority of the production was made after Deep had recorded random bits and pieces. At that moment, we knew we had something special. But all the tracks all hold some form of meaning behind it.

How long did the Jasmine track take ?

Jasmine was made in a couple of hours, the same can be said with Gangster Pendu. We are lucky enough to be good friends with Tej Gill, who had recorded some vocals for us at our studio in Toronto.

What is your vision for the future, and for the scene as a whole, not the desi scene but that new scene you are a part of.

Our plan is to keep working and most importantly keep experimenting. We are working with a lot of upcoming artists not only in the Punjabi market but also Hiphop, Reggae and Pop. Its a blessing to be living in this age enabling us to work with artists around the globe over the internet. We’re still not sure what category we fit in, but we will continue to push boundaries and connect cultures through our music.

For those who have not tried the album yet, why should they!

Man! Bobby Friction said “The most important Desi HipHop album of this year” – and that is a hard comment to swallow. We are just grateful to have a chance to share our sound and vision. Thank you guys!


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