Indian Wedding Couples & The New Trend Instead Of Gifts


Indian weddings are big events attended by people who want the couple to have a great start to life, so the attending crowd are very open to suggestions when a request is made by the families involved, but would you adhere to this request?

Lot’s of Indian weddings usually write on the wedding cards ‘No Gifts Please’ but a new trend is emerging where the gift the couple ask for is a ‘Vote’ for the political party of the bride/grooms request!!

For his son’s wedding, Subhash Rao Kishan Rao Yande from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad (a longtime supporter of the country’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)) asked guests to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming general elections. It comes after another family from western Gujarat state reportedly did the same.
At first glance, the invite for Yande’s son Mukesh’s wedding appears to be like any other. But at the bottom it features the words: “Our gift is your vote for Modi in 2019 Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) Election” nestled between two lotuses, the official party symbol of the BJP.

The BJP isn’t the only party garnering potential votes through weddings. Earlier this year, a photo of an invite sent by a family in northern Haryana state asking guests to vote for the Aam Aadmi Party went viral on social media.

And another one!

Another individual, added a whole supplement about his love for Modi, this is way too much….

Are you getting married this year? will you be asking for people attending your wedding to vote for a political party?


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