India’s Digital Music Study, Piracy Is Rife (From The US),& The Danger Of YouTube


In the Indian Music Industry’s recently released Digital Music Study, the name YouTube is mentioned over a dozen times. People who were sourced for the study were internet users between the ages of 16 and 64.

The report highlights a few key factors, piracy is still rife, audio files are still being ripped and piracy site access has not being stopped.

The power of YouTube is worrying and has highlighted a worrying “Value Gap” – people will not, and are not paying for platforms when they are so used to free content, so monetizing music is becoming harder and harder, especially as YouTube are the lowest payers of royalties.

Below is an over view of the report, and the report is available in full at the bottom of the page:

The amount of time spent listening to music, split by age groups:

How people listen to music

Music Consumption, and access and how shocking is the digital piracy %

India has over 100m active music streaming users, yet subscription to paid sites is a staggering 1%, when asked why not go to paid service;

If YouTube became a paid platform how would you access music;


Piracy, the main culprits;

View The Digital Music Study in full here


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