India’s Polling Officers That Are Driving Men Wild


A unique way to get people voting seems to be taking hold in India, it started last month when Reena Dwivedi arrived at a polling station and turned heads! It was not because of her political views but instead because of how she looked and dressed.

Reena Dwivedi & Yogeshwari Gohite have gone viral all over India and whilst Reena enjoys the limelight it seems Yogeshwari is not impressed by it all, as it takes away from the important job she is doing.

Hailing from Deoria district of Lucknow, Reena has worked as an assistant officer in the PWD department since 2013. “I have done election duties in 2014 and 2017 too but this time, I seem to have suddenly become famous because of this photograph. People in my own office and even visitors are requesting me for selfies. Though it is nice to be famous overnight, it also gets uncomfortable at times,” she says

Before joining PWD, Reena had worked in the insurance sector – “Private companies have a more disciplined work culture. I brought that legacy with me in PWD as well. Probably that is the reason my seniors and bosses appreciate me,” she says. Reena says she had received several offers to act in Bhojpuri films, but did not take them up since her son was small. “Maybe, if I get good offers now I may take them up because my son is old enough to take care of himself,” she says.

The lady in blue is Yogeshwari Gohite, a bank official, was put on duty as a polling officer at the ITI polling station in Govindpura in Bhopal. As soon as she arrived, news photographers went in turbo mode when snapping her photos, meaning Yogeshwari was viral before the end of the day.

When several journalists tried to speak to here to take an interview, she denied, saying that she was on duty. Talking to the TOI, she had said that she was quiet surprised by all the attention.

“I dress the way I like. I do not have any fashion role models. A dress should not define a woman. It is our professionalism and work ethics that should matter.”

Despite taking a day’s leave on Monday, local media managed to trace her address. “Everyone wants to take a selfie with me. I am getting friend requests by the minute. Soon, I think I would have to make my social media profile hidden and not open to the public,” said Gohite.



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