Infamous Suk – It is About the Shonk Not The Pomp


Ahh, the throwback vibes! Not from the new single but instead from the artist Infamous Suk! Music for passion’s sake, music for the shonk of it. Allow the hits, the views and streams this is infamous Suk completing a journey started many moons ago.

A friend to many on the scene and a name not unfamiliar to most Suk has had a varied journey to the release of this his debut single almost 25 years after falling in love with the scene. So who is Infamous Suk?

So I have been in the Bhangra music scene for over 15 years and still have that love and passion for it today. Within the industry, everyone knows who I am and what I have done. Mainly due to the studio work I have done around the country, club nights I have hosted over the years.  Impressive anything else?  Just generally working alongside other artists and supporting their work. I have supported artists and the scene through my love for Punjabi music. 

So why release now? I have really enjoyed it, but there’s always been that little fire in me to show what I can do as a music producer. It’s one of those situations where the intention was always there, tracks were done, everything in place BUT never actually gone the next step. This saw me labelled by my friends and family as the  ‘coming out soon’ guy… until now with ADV.


I started off as a DJ and hosting club gigs all over UK which lead me onto actually wanting to create music, because i was a bit ‘geeky’ (maybe still am lol) i was interested in the sound engineering side however making music was more fun. I have spent many years in some of the biggest studios in the UK & in India and learnt from some of the best engineers and producers our industry has. I’m now content to be in a place where I have a team around me that can allow me to make and release, my music, my way, which is the message I am sending to everyone who wants to do the same #MyMusicMyWay

So whilst sitting here, at a safe distance via skype, Infamous Suk like always, just kept on talking about music, so rather than us just ask questions. We let the man give you a window into himself, his project and his journey!


For those people that know me and am lucky to have worked with over the years will know I have never been about the ‘pomp’ with music (everything else yes lol) but with music, I just want and will continue to just make tracks I want to listen to. In- turn hoping that people out there will also listen to them and most importantly enjoy them. I am not following any trends or current themes it’s just whatever I feel when I’m in the studio that vibes with me.

I’m coming in from a different angle and with the support of Generasian Records. Together we want to show that you can make any music in whatever style you want and there will be an audience for it. I want this release to show that passion for music shouldn’t be dictated about what others are doing and shouldnt feel pressured to follow trends. Get out there, connect and make your mark!
#MyMusicMyWay is what I’ll be doing and supporting others to do as well.

I just want people to enjoy the track, simple as that. The world of music and what people expect has changed and I get that. But I’m not going to let a lack of labels, budgets or artificially manipulated figures put me off. I know thats been the case for a few years now especially in the UK which is why so many artists i have spoken to just don’t release and that is ONE MASSIVE SHAME!! I hope that the UK scene, which has so much talent and maybe not sure how to go about doing something like this can think ‘if Suk has done it this way, why cant we?’.

It also comes at a very difficult time in everyones lives with what is going on in the world so i hope this gives people a distraction and makes people feel happy and wanting to dance 🙂

No longer are we saying ‘Coming Soon’ but instead – Check out the forthcoming release from Infamous Sukh and Nirmal Sidhu ADV

Generasian Records Presents: ADV (Akh De Vaar)
Infamous Suk Ft. Nirmal Sidhu

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