Insensitive Or Just A Bit Of Fun – Bachelor (Gay)


One of the rising talents in the Punjabi music game is gentleman called Singga, he has worked with the likes Mankirt Aulakh and has managed to create himself a very strong following with his good looks and his aggressive vocal delivery. Singga is now set to release his new Punjabi song ‘Bachelor’ this week, and the leaked version and promo’s are causing a bit of a storm

The song ‘Bachelor’ by Singga is produced by Mix Singh and it is keeping with everything that Singga has been about, the song mentions girls, it is aggressive in it’s delivery and is well produced , but the hook line!!

People around the Singga camp are saying it is humour and should not be taken seriously and it is just a play on words. Why don’t you guys have a listen and let us know what you think!


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