Instagram Is Removing Fake Followers, Comments and Likes


Oh sh*t, watch those likes and one word comments disappear? Or are Instagram playing catch up? Third party access may account for a few fake followers, but let’s hope the tools they are using are lot more sophisticated than just that.

Instagram announced it will be purging inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to bolster their numbers. Utilizing a machine learning tool, the social media platform will begin identifying accounts that use these services, which directly violate its Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

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Those identified accounts will be notified within the app that Instagram has removed the inauthentic traffic, alongside a prompt to change their passwords. “These new measures will be ongoing,” Instagram says in a blog post. “[And] accounts that continue to use third-party apps to grow their audience may see their Instagram experience impacted.”

The move comes to help discourage users from giving another company their login information as Instagram transitions into a platform for brands and influencers to advertise. Although Instagram has removed fake accounts in a great purge once before, it hasn’t taken action against fake likes before, and it promises more measures against fraudulent activity in the coming weeks.


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