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Canadian music producer Intense is not a name that is new to Punjabi music fans. Intense has been making music for well over a decade now and has emerged as one of the ‘go-to’ producers on the Punjabi music scene. The Intense journey is very bespoke to himself, but new and upcoming producers may well want to look at how he has written his story and how it has shaped his career.

2018 was a big year for Intense. Huge hits with Jasmine Sandlas and Sidhu Moose Wala saw him add to his growing worldwide reputation. Illegal Weapon was still on playlists across the globe and yet the man just kept adding to those hits with varied new releases. New and old producers reading this will at this point be thinking, well he just used big names? This where Intense differs from so many and why we say his journey is one that should be highlighted and followed.

The Big Names 

Jasmine Sandlas, Sidhu Moose Wala and Amrit Maan are all huge names that have benefitted from the Intense sound. When producers have the biggest names in the game knocking at their doors, it is all too easy to just open the door and take the cash. Many producers have done that and will continue to do so. This long term then sees music fans starting to pick and choose what songs they want to listen too. Another knock-on effect from churning out work is the separation from the producer’s actual artform and relationship with his or her fanbase.

The difference with this music producer is the separation from his commercial work and his own individual artform.

2018’s biggest song of the year was Sip Sip by Jasmine Sandlas and Intense. Add to that illegal weapon still be on global playlists everyone wanted a piece of Intense. This is where Intense changed things up. To keep singers knocking at your door, you need to get them to buy into your vision without them realising it!

Innovation Through Independence

Having big releases on different platforms via record labels is all good. Those record labels are all about the money and they want hits. This is where Intense was clever he used his own media channels to express himself musically. Exhale released in December 2018 as an album has yet to hit 1m views but it laid the foundations for the next two years.

This wasn’t a commercial vibe, instead, this was Intense giving people an insight into his musical expression. The songs from the album caught on with different crowds as they were uniquely Intense. So aside from making songs for big artists Intense was expressing himself via his own channels. Not enough people do this!

So many artists have their own platforms but end up using it for numbers instead of musical expression.

Intense with Exhale had planted a seed. His sound was now defined through his platform. The album slapped with many singers who wanted to have that new sound. They all came knocking yet Intense was ahead of the game already. Intense had just laid the foundations for the next two years and was not going to stop there.

The Importance of Expression

The success of Intense as a producer is mainly down to him understanding the needs of the artists, record labels and his own musical journey.

The Midnight EP which was released in November 2019 was dropped with no hype, no pomp or media campaign. Yet it had songs that banged. Sahiba feat. Simiran Kaur Dhadli was huge. The sound was uniquely ‘Exhale’. The foundations laid down via his own channel and independent route were now being appreciated by all. Intense and his sound had lured us all in and we were as wrapped up in it as one of those Cubans we see in his videos! There is no smoke without fire people!!

‘Excuses’ saw Intense team up with the scenes hottest properties at the moment AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill. This banged hard! Intense has worked with new artists like Simran Kaur Dhadli and Bunny Gill and gave them hits. Intense is not afraid of new talent, it excites him, it keeps him on his toe. Other producers could do worse than looking at the Intense journey.

The Intense Roadmap

So what are the things new producers should do that can see them plotting a journey for themselves?

Work with labels –  You may lose rights to your work as it will not be owned by you, but the budgets they have are huge. The access to artists via labels is easier and long term this works in your favour.

Independent Channels – Have your own media platforms and use them wisely. Something you may have produced may not work for the masses but gives you satisfaction needs to be heard. If you are brave enough to release on your own channel, forget the big numbers. Toss aside the hype of numbers and trends, people want to hear you and long term your artform will define your journey.

Allow The Churn – The number of singers now appearing on the scene is ridiculous so as a producer you will be fed more songs than Sidhu Moose Wala has court cases! You need to be picky. People will buy into your sound long term if they are not been fed it daily via new releases. You will peak too soon. Remember in between your paid work you will be dropping independent music via your own channels, don’t strangle yourself!

We here at Daily Ent Xpress are big fans of Intense music and feel his journey is one that could benefit many others coming through. Your journey is bespoke to you, but looking at a map to see what route is best is always helpful. (All this and we haven’t even mentioned the exquisite production on the Jasmine Sandlas new album by Intense –  Just hit the link here.)

Check out the latest Intense Music release feat. Ap Dhillon and Gurinder Gill ‘Excuses’ here:

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