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As a producer, you need that unique sound and USP to make you alluring to music fans. Understanding one’s art, providing consistent quality with an eagerness to test boundaries are all in the makeup of an honest musician. One such producer who over the years has combined everything we mentioned is Intense Music.

Intense is not an artist who courts attention or publicity, that he leaves for his music. Some of the Punjabi music scenes biggest hits over the last few years have been Intense productions, Sip Sip (Jasmine Sandlas), illegal Weapon (Gary Sandhu & Jasmine Sandlas), Trending Nakhra (Amrit Maan) and a whole host of Sidhu Moose Wala songs, the list is seemingly endless. 

It was on the 20th December 2018 that Intense dropped his album called Exhale. The album had no tv ads and no mass social media take over, instead, it was solely about the music. Tonight once again Intense is releasing an EP ‘Midnight’ which he has once again made about the music.

We got talking with Intense and asked why his single releases have huge marketing campaigns yet his solo releases have very little? The singles that I release are for artists and labels who are just doing what everyone else does. I tend not to get overly involved in a lot of marketing, my responsibility is to deliver musically for the artist and the label, once I do that, the publicity has very little to do with me. 

Projects that I release on my own platform are very personal to me, I experiment, I try new things and I use them to grow me as a musician, organically.  It is so important for me to grow continually and that’s why my platform is so vital to me as a musician. 

So would you say your platform has allowed your style sound to change or develop? I don’t think my signature production style has changed much over the years. I’m a huge Westcoast music fan and that is reflected in my work, I am consistently evolving and trying new ideas when it comes to desi music. In today’s market quantity seems to be everything, but never overlook quality. That’s why my space and platform are so vital for me as an artist. 

Check out Exhale the Intense 2018 Album here:

So what is Midnight who features on it & does it have a concept? I’m not going to give much away lol. Its an EP lol, that’s about all I’m giving you. On a level though,  Midnight is a sad song EP featuring some new talents and some of your favourite artists, you’ll just have to see once it’s out!

The EP/Album are dying art forms why is it crucial for you to release such formats?  There’s nothing like putting on an album and listening from track 1 to track whatever the length of the project is. The western market still does albums and I’m from the western market whether I release Punjabi music or not. It’s mostly for my enjoyment lol. The album format is vital to us as musicians, it is our journey through music. 

If you could sum up midnight to new “intense” music fans how would you pitch it? Curl up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep, or drive around late night with a fatty and just enjoy the vibes.

Massive thank you to Intense for taking time out to talk to us about Midnight. Make sure you stream/view/ download the EP legally and support artists who are doing independent releases!  Now, where that Rizla at!


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