#InternationalBhangraDay – The Legends That Are Gone, That Changed The Game


Punjabi music is growing daily, it is attracting new listeners and the genre is evolving, from Punjabi rap artists to Punjabi singers in Bollywood, the whole thing has become massive. Today is #InternationalBhangraDay so why not look at those artists who shaped today’s Punjabi music scene and that are no longer with us. These are in no particular order, remember today’s diversity is only because of those that went before. RESPECT! 

Lal Chand Yamla Jatt
Popularized the Tumbi, he took it everywhere he went, made it his own unique USP, the Godfather of Punjabi Folk music. Crowds would triple in size if people knew Yamla Jatt was performing at a mela. One of the Industries most important people ever.

Kuldeep Manak
Kalian Da Badsha, The single biggest name in Punjabi music history, Manak inspired multiple generations of singers, and we do not think their is one single Punjabi Person on this earth who does not know who Manak was. Ultimate King Of Folk

Surjit Bindrakhia
If ever someone was put on this earth to sing boliyan, it was Bindrakhia. From his collage days to his peak years he ruled the Punjabi boliyan scene, totally unique and gone to soon, a legend that will never die.

Amar Singh Chamkila & Amarjot
As a duet, they tore up the circuit, a unique stage presence that was mesmerizing, and caught the imagination of the Punjabi music lovers across the globe. As individuals, Chamkila was ahead of his time, his lyrics changed Punjabi music forever, both of these were taken to soon, and the loss and impact on the scene is still felt today.

Dilshad Akhtar
A voice that healed many a broken heart and sometimes was resposible for breaking hearts, one of the most unique voices from the era, sadly taken too soon, but has left a legacy of hits, that no one will come close to beating.

Kuldeep Paaras
When you talk about stage presence, then Paaras had it in abundance, he owned every stage he walked on. He captured the emotions of all watching and used it to drive his performance, an absolute legend, who does not get the respect he deserves, a man of the people.

Parminder Sandhu
Sheetal Singh Sheetal, Surinder Shinda, Kuldeep Manak, Deedar Sandhu, Karnail Gill, Neki Katal and Jaswant Sandhil, all people that Parminder dueted with. Add to that her solo career, this lady made her mark in the Punjabi Industry by being totally herself, both as a person and as a singer, check out her hits on Youtube if you are not familiar.

Alam Lohar
Father of Arif Lohar, Alam lohar was the leading light of Pakistani Punjabi music, every single film coming out from that region at that time featured his songs. He toured everywhere, loved by those in India Punjab and Pakistan Punjab, sadly taken to young in a car crash. Alam was nicknamed ‘Sher-e-Punjab’  by his Pakistani Punjabi following.

Kulwinder Dhillion
It seemed like he had the world at his feet, young, fresh faced & fantastic vocal ability. He had made a mark not just in India but in Canada and the UK, his song “Kacheriyan Ch Mele Lagde” is still as popular today as it was back in the mid nineties. Just as he was set to rule the world, a tragic car accident saw him lose his life, too young, too early.

Labh Janjua
The singer of the best known Punjabi song in the world, “Mundia De Bachke” Labh Janjua was a desi producers dream, he sang without breaking sweat, and delivered hit after hit, even impacting Bollywood

Soni Pabla
The candain Punjabi music scene is on fire right now, and a lot of it is down to Soni Pabla, a man who proved you could be cool in Canada singing in Punjabi. His early death due to a heartache impacted the Canadian scene hard.  The scene stagnated for a period as it had lost its talisman, a great singer who again was ahead of his time.

Hazara Singh Ramta
The first true Punjabi rapper, his vision, his stories all told through verse, Ramta was special, journeys from Punjab to Africa and then to London and Canada, had everyone in sticitches, the man was an absolute legend. Any desi rapper’s claming they invented Punjabi rap, sit yo ass down, and go listen to some Ramta!

Sabar Koti
It was only January this year when we lost him, and the pain is still fresh, vocally this guy had mastered it, technically one of the most impressive Punjabi singer of recent years, a real music fans artist.





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