Interpol Red Notice Issued For Roger Bullman


Early on Friday, an Interpol red notice was issued for Roger Bullman.  The runaway fugitive Norwegian who is wanted in connection to the killing of  Amitpal Singh Bajaj, at a Thai resort in August. News of the Interpol red notice was confirmed by Phuket police earlier today.

Interpol Red Notice Roger Bullman

53-year-old Roger Bullman, who has been charged with manslaughter and criminal trespass, is believed to be on the run after he failed to appear in court on Sept 2.

“We believe he’s no longer in Thailand because we’ve looked for him everywhere in Phuket and haven’t found him,” Police Major Techin Deethongon told The Straits Times. “There’s no report of his sighting anywhere else in Thailand either. It’s likely he crossed natural borders because he cannot travel legally outside Thailand,” said Mr Techin.

Bullman’s passport had been confiscated by the court when he was charged. A red notice requests the authorities worldwide to detain people pending possible extradition or other legal actions.

The Phuket Provincial Court had issued an arrest warrant for Bullman after he jumped bail.

Mr Amitpal’s family in London had earlier expressed anger and shock that Bullman was granted bail, to begin with.

“We are bewildered as to why the authorities allowed a self-confessed killer to roam the streets of Phuket unguarded, where he could potentially pose a lethal threat to other innocent parties,” the family had said.

Bullman had confessed to choking Mr Amitpal to death during a fight. The incident happened in the victim’s room, which he shared with his wife and their 20-month-old son. The fight was apparently triggered after Mr Amitpal had complained about Bullman’s loud singing from the adjacent room in the early hours.


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