Introducing Amar Singh, He Has That Aman Hayer Stamp Of Approval


Who doesn’t trust Aman Hayer? So when we heard that he was working with a new British Punjabi vocalist in went the call and we needed more information.

Aman Hayer spoke in glowing terms about Amar Singh, and the UK scene does need more singers coming through, and If Aman says Amar is good who are we to doubt that, so we caught up with Amar Singh and got an insight into who he is and what he is about.

So what made you, Amar Singh want to become a singer? Production, DJ’ing and other fields seem to be attracting more people than singing, so why this route?

My passion for Punjabi music and singing in Punjabi comes from listening to great artists such as, Gurdas Mann, Hans Raj Hans, Kuldip Manak and from the newer generation Kanwar Grewal.

So they Inspired you?

Yeah for sure and I feel it is important to stay connected with my roots and heritage by not forgetting the Punjabi language and culture, and singing is my way expressing my connection to my roots.

Aman Hayer is a world renown Punjabi music producer, how did that link up happen?

Aman Hayer was recommended to us by a couple of artists in the Punjabi industry. My mum (manager) got in touch with Aman Hayer, we met and l had an instant connection with him. Aman is very talented in this industry and yet so humble, it has been a real pleasure working with him and having my first song produced by him.

So, what would you say makes you unique, why should people buy into Amar Singh and his vision.

Vision, tough one, all I can say is I sing from the heart in my maa boli,If that means others want to take up Punjabi reading and writing I guess thats a win for all.

I want my songs to be family orientated songs and videos that can connect all age groups with Punjabis and Indians across the globe. Being 21 years old myself I want my music to bring the new generation closer to our Punjabi culture and language.

During my days in secondary school an external teacher Inderjit Bains recognised my potential and urged me to start learning Indian classical music after he heard me sing. I took his advise and began my journey as a student of Indian classical music, everyone needs to become a student before they try and master anything, and I had heard this so many times, but once you start learning you see how vital it is to be surrounded by good teachers.

Along my journey I had the opportunity to meet with Hans Raj Hans, Gurdas Mann, Kulwinder Billa, Sandeep Brar and Kanwar Grewal. In these meetings we discussed life and sang songs together.

It is here that I learnt a great deal from there wise words and advise that they all gave me. This motivated me to keep moving forward on my musical journey regardless of the set backs.

In 2018 I decided to take it upon myself to learn how to read Punjabi. I did this by purchasing a few books and downloaded an app on my phone called learn Punjabi in 30 days.

Damn 30 days?

Yeah well to be honest within three weeks I was able to read Punjabi. This was an essential skill for me to have as most of the writers for Punjabi songs are based in Punjab and write in Punjabi. I also felt that knowing how to read Punjabi would able me to correctly pronounce the words that I would not otherwise know how to pronounced. I like to do things properly due to my high standards, strong principles and integrity.

I can only continue to do my very best in everything that I take on and the rest will fold out as it should.  I am hoping for big things this year but at the same time I am keeping myself grounded.

Nothing but good wishes from us at Daily Ent. Xpress to Amar Singh as he starts his journey, let’s hope he inspires others to learn Punjabi and to also take up singing.

Track – Hassdi Aa
Artist – Introducing Amar Singh
Music – Aman Hayer
Lyrics – Navdeep Singh
Label – 5 River Production

Full track Releasing 15th Feb 2019


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