Introducing EZU & The New Track “Closer” feat RFAK, Ikka and DJ Harpz


How do you keep up with all the releases today? Do not ask us, we have no idea, one of the issues that the sheer volume of releases brings is the failure to connect with new artists, one such release in the last few weeks via VIP records is “Closer (Judaiya)” feat Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, EZU, IKKA,DJ Harpz. The names featured on the release are all fairly well known to music fans, except for one, Ezu. Intrigued by this, Daily Ent. Xpress thought we would hook up with him and learn more about him, and what he has to offer the scene going forward.

So, EZU? Where does the name come from?

Ezu is actually a nickname given to me by my parents when I was only a year old. Everyone in my family calls me Ezu so when I first started singing which was at the age of 4. I gained a lot of popularity within the family and so everyone knew me Ezu. It’s just a name that’s close to me so I never wanted to call myself something that I’m not.

How did the collaboration with DJ Harpz come about?

Myself & DJ Harpz are actually really good friends and happen to be on the same label too. So that collaboration came together naturally. We always liked each others music and so we always wanted to do a song together.

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So you linked Ikka via Harpz to?

DJ Harpz has his connection with Ikka too with the singles he’s produced for him so he was able to make that feature happen on the song too. And it’s actually really funny because a while back I did a cover or Half Window Down by Ikka and at the time I wasn’t known much so no one knew who had done the cover. But Ikka actually posted it on his Facebook page and asked who the singer was. It’s crazy when I think about it now that Ive got a song with him and will hopefully work with him in the future. Me and Ikka also like each other’s music so expect some more collabs!

Judging by your Youtube page, you seem to love cover versions 

Really and truly I’ve done a lot of Covers and some singles now which can all be found on my YouTube channel @ezuworld but I feel like I’m just getting started properly now. I’ve got so much music to release and showcase. I just can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve got, I can definitely confirm that my next single will be out within the next Month which is titled ‘Slide’ and like I said. Just expect something different from me every single time! There’s also a lot of collaborations which I can’t reveal just yet but there’s a lot in the pipeline!

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How did the VIP records deal happen?

VIP Records approached me after my second single ‘Young Love’ was released back in 2017 and so I think in all honesty the deal was right for me at the time and we have loads of music that we just want to put out. Unfortunately some times Music Videos take really long so there’s a delay but otherwise,the music is ready! One thing I like about VIP Records is that they have given me the freedom as an artist to do what I want and make what I want to make which I love. They’re really flexible as a label and honestly want the best for any artist that signs with them or does a song with them.

The new single ‘Closer’ (Judaiya) was released with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ikka & DJ Harpz on the 3rd of May. It’s available on all digital platforms and the video is also live on YouTube!


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