Introducing – Jonty (Debut Track) Yaariyan,Music By Snappy


If you are making your debut on the scene (a very crowded scene at that), you have to ensure you have got the backing of your boys, and if those boys already happen to be strong members of that scene well…. use them to the max.

That is what Jonty has done, the debut artist has got Ninja and A-Kay to feature in his video and if that was not a good starting point, he has roped in producer Snappy!

Jonty has a good voice, and he has delivered well on “Yaariyan” the production from Snappy, is slightly different to his normal sound, and has more of an edgy appeal rather than a poppy one, which we prefer. The video is well shot and overall, the tune works! Hope to hear more Jonty soon, good solid debut.


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