Is Gurlej Going For Miss Pooja’s World Record Of Releases In A Year? New Track, DJ,Is Out


1500 songs released in one calendar year, that is the record set by Miss Pooja, now it seems that Gurlej Akhtar is chasing that record, but sorry Gurlej you have some serious catching up to do if you want to make up lost ground.

Gurlej has released 4 tracks in the last 2 weeks, and add to that the 5 in January with a solid 5 in April and god knows how many in between this lady is a machine. Normally we would say a hit making machine, but this new track is not what we can describe as a hit, or even close.

Either way Gurlej, if producers keep throwing you those instrumentals we can’t blame you for trying to knock them out the park, but, just be aware not everything can be a home run.


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