Ishqia Pareshanian Satinder Sartaaj – New Punjabi Song 2020


Ishqia Pareshanian is the latest Punjabi song from Satinder Sartaaj. This new song Ishqia Pareshanian is the latest song from the Ikko Mikke soundtrack. Music for the song is once again provided by Beat Minister with the lyrics provided by Satinder Sartaaj himself.

Ikko Mikke is released on March 13th and has received rave reviews from those who attended private screenings across the globe. The soundtrack certainly has banged. Mind you having all the songs sung by Satinder Sartaaj has helped.

Ishqia Pareshanian is a ballad that pulls on your heartstrings. The best way Punjabi cinema sells moviegoers a film is through a solid soundtrack and music. This latest song sells you the love journey of the two leads of the film. The passion and depth from Sartaaj vocally are special once again. Beat Minister manages to lure you in for the duration of the track. Before you know it the song is finished and all you want to do is go watch the movie!

Remember Ikko Mikke is out on March 13th and you can check out the latest song Ishqia Pareshanian Satinder Sartaaj  here:

Song Credits:  Ishqia Pareshanian Singer/Lyrics/Composer: Satinder Sartaaj Music: Beat Minister Mix & Mastered By : Sameer Charegaonkar Label: Saga Music

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