‘It is unfortunate one of our own stole the money’: Donation box stolen from Sikh temple


CCTV footage made available on Wednesday shows an unknown man walking into the Sikh temple and worshipping inside before making away with a donation box placed outside the temple.

Police are looking for a man who has been caught on camera stealing a donation box from a Sikh temple in Melbourne, reports SBS.

Members of a local Sikh temple are concerned after a man was caught on camera posing as a worshipper before stealing the donation box placed outside the temple.

A donation box was stolen from Tarneit Gurudwara Sahib three weeks ago in Melbourne’s West.

“It is unfortunate that one of our own stole the money,” Gurdeep Singh Girn, Gurudwara’s Assistant Secretary told SBS.

The Gurudwara management has provided the CCTV footage to the local police which shows an unknown man with dark complexion, black hair and standing approximately 175 cm tall, walking away with the donation box.

“The CCTV footage reveals he first entered the temple, prayed and tried to take the donation box inside the temple. He appears to be doing it very casually and he appears to be one of our own members of the community.

“He didn’t succeed in taking the donation box which was inside, so he tried the box placed outside and succeeded. He also returned later that day and replaced the empty donation box at about 2pm,” Mr Girn says.

He estimates the stolen money to be a small amount.

“We have recently bought a block of land right next to the Gurudwara as we need more space. The donations were being used to expand the space,” he says.

“More security measures needed at places of worship”
Jasvinder Sidhu, a former Gurudwara committee member and a Tarneit resident has called for more security measures at places of worship, particularly in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

“Not only Tarneit Gurudwara but the Hindu temple in Tarneit has also been repeatedly vandalised. We need to ensure safety and security and institutions need to improve measures,” he said.


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