It Sounds Like A Film – 2 Grooms With 2 Baraats Only 1 Bride


It does sound like a Bollywood flick but unfortunately  it was no film and the incident was real, the Incident occurred in a  village called Pir Mahal, in Pakistan Punjab, and was reported first by

Muhammad Afzal who is the brides father had a disagreement with his wife, a women who he had arguments with almost daily. After one particular row he decided he would marry off his mothers favorite child to a man of his choice and off he trotted to fix the deal.

When Muhammad Afzal’s wife found out about this she decided that she would fix up her daughter and not her husband, so she fixed a wedding for her daughter with a local man, as she did not wish to travel to far to visit her favorite daughter.

Muhammed Afza refused to back down, he started the wedding preparations, he sent out invites and started to prepare his family home, the mother still enraged then also started to invite people to the wedding she had fixed up! Yes they picked the same day too, well makes sense financially lol.

On the day of the wedding two grooms one from Pir Mahal and other from the Jhang district arrived , all dressed up to take their bride.  Well as you can imagine, it all went a bit crazy which saw both grooms families ending up in fights over the bride. Both grooms wanted her to go with them.

Finally the local village held a Punjaiyat to resolve the issue and the Baraat which came from Jhang took the bride with them and the second groom left empty handed. He was not even invited to the reception! Only in Punjab hey….


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