It Went Viral – It Is Being Dubbed “The Biggest Session In Punjab”


Article via: @RealDesPardes – Ever been to a wedding and had a bit too much to drink? You are then the talk of the day!

We have all made a bit of a fool of ourselves, it happens, but, usually each wedding has two or 3 drunks that really do stand out, but we all know us Punjabi’s love to be crowned the best at whatever we do.

This wedding last week in Punjab went viral for the wrong reasons, a total embarrassment! What a waste of money and this is a joke were all some of the comments flying around whats app groups as these video’s did the rounds, now you can can also enjoy the videos from what people are calling “The Biggest Session In Punjab” – 96 cases of Whiskey consumed, 12 bottles per case – you do the math!

The highlights are here, and video’s in full below:


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