It’s My Opinion – Greta- As Seen By Raj-Bitu Kang


 Greta (2019) 🌟🌟🌟

Greta is a 2018 psychological thriller film directed by Neil Jordan and co-written by Ray Wright and Jordan. The film stars Isabelle Huppert, Chloë Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe, Colm Feore, and Stephen Rea, and follows a young woman as she befriends a lonely widow who becomes disturbingly obsessed with her.

Review by Raj-Bitu Kang

A movie with a different kind of stalker, who is stalking a woman who could totally kick the stalkers a$$ but, instead the victim annoyingly does nothing … nothing at all!

In this day and age, no one dares to pick up a bag left unattended. You bloody well run away and report it! Well, not in this movie. In this movie you pick up the bag, rummage through it and personally drop it off to the owner. Some may say it’s a sweet gesture but, I call it stupidity!

Isabelle Huppert is pretty good as a crazy old lady. Chloe Grace Mortez annoyed me though; her character came across too weak and it just didn’t come across as convincing. I mean come on, she was once Hit Girl in the movie Kick-Ass. She can so take down this old lady stalker.

Overall, this is a predictable watch but, strangely enough it keeps you intrigued as you want to know what happens next. It is is one of those movie where you find yourself wanting to shout at the screen and yell to the character to just run or react in some way or another! Go check it out!

3 out of 5 stars. Remember, it’s my opinion!


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