It’s My Opinion – Ocean’s 8, As Seen By Raj Bitu Kang


 Ocean’s Eight (2018) 🌟🌟🌟

Following on from the previous trilogy, we have a new Ocean’s movie with an all female cast and guess what they’re planning? Surprise, surprise a new heist as well 😱.

It’s not disappointing but, it also doesn’t quite reach the same par as the previous trilogy. It follows the same steps as the previous movies where we see the team being recruited and how they go about planning their heist. This time the heist takes place at The Met Gala.

It is a well casted movie and everyone plays their role well. I loved Sandra Bullocks shopping trip at #bergdorfgoodman 🛍 smart lady! I couldn’t help but notice how immaculate both hers and Cate Blanchett skin looked 🤔. Also, what has Mindy Kalling done to her lips? A definite no no! 👄

The whole theme around The Met Gala looked great. I really want to go! You will notice plenty of celebrity cameos (let’s see how many you spot), and the outfits looked amazing😍. Overall, an easy watch and enjoyable.

Now, how does this movie link in with the previous triliogy? Well, guess you will have to watch the movie and find out 😉.

3 out of 5 stars. Remember, it’s my opinion!


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