Jag Bancil Talks – One Of A Kind (New Punjabi Song)


Jag Bancil Press Release: 2019 sees the UK’s very own music producer Jag Bancil release his 3rd project of the year – the first 2 being free downloads and 2 versions of Shaddthi Aashiqui with the Late Great Kaka Bhaniawala.

“One of a kind” is the latest single from the UK producer and sees him collaborating with artist Harry Singh and rapper Richy Rambo from the UK scene. This song has a summer vibe all over it with a bouncy beat perfect for the playing in your car.

The combination of catchy lyrics with the line “One Of A Kind” and a desi\hip hop fused beat. This track creates the perfect blend of music, which will appeal to a lot of music lovers within and outside of the Bhangra scene.

Jag Bancil has also dropped his vocals on the track. The hook line ‘tere wargi na koi hor ni munde kendeh one of a kind’ was created by Jag himself at a random party. He decided to lay down the vocals and create a beat and chose to leave his vocals on the track as he is happy to experiment with his music and believes if he is happy with it then why not.

Jag then sent the track to Harry Singh who wrote the remaining lyrics of the song. Jag has also teamed up with rapper Richy Rambo on this track, adding to the desi\hip hop fusion he was bringing to life. Richy Rambo approached Jag directly after seeing his studio beats on Instagram, Richy loved how Jag could fuse hip hop beats especially the heavy 808’s with Indian instruments.

Jag decided to show Richy the “One Of A Kind” beat – he loved it and dropped his bars too. Jag now feels he is motivated more than ever and is here to stay in the game and be part of the UK movement as a music producer.

Although he has been on the scene for a while now, Jag finally feels he is happy with what he is creating and believes his style and sound will take him further. Jag Bancil has just shot 3 videos this month and is looking to be releasing another 2-3 singles before the end of the year.



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