Jahaj Jassa Jogi Jasmeen Akhtar – Hanji That Desi Duet Vibe


Jahaj Jassa Jogi Jasmeen Akhtar: Indi Billing Productions present their latest Punjabi song ‘Jahaj’. The new Punjabi song features Jassa Jogi and Jasmeen Akhtar. The music is by Jus Keys. The lyrics are penned by Sukhi Badrukhan.

What do you want from a good duet? Humour, good music, good vocals and something you can dance too, agree? Well, Jahaj by Jogi and Jasmeen Akhtar has the lot. Add to all that a funny video, Jahaj surely is a must-listen. Jogi and Jasmeen complement each other well vocally. The production is tight, and the lyrics well they are designed to raise a smile and that they do do. This is added to our playlist for sure! Loving this

Check out Jahaj here via Indi Billing Productions:

Jasmeen Akhtar is the younger sister of Gurlez Akhtar, so much talent in one family! Jasmeen has been getting more active on the scene in the last 12 months or so. Tutt Paineyan, was her biggest solo hit to date. The song was buried in a week of big releases and we feel it never got the airing it deserved. So if you was one of the many who missed it, check out Tutt Paineyan here:


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