Jailed in 2008 For Manslaughter, Jatinder Dosanjh Is Back In Jail For Assault In Derby


It 2008 and when Jatinder Dosanjh was jailed for nine years, he was charged with the manslaughter of Melvyn Hadley, who was also from Derby. Melvyn Hadley was beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Having served part of his sentence, Jatinder was was released, but on two occasions last year he carried out attacks, firstly on a man who had parked a recovery lorry outside his house, in Duncan Road, and the second when he assaulted a friend in the car park of the Oast House pub at Foresters Park.

Jailing Dosanjh for three-and-a-half years, Judge Nicholas Dean QC said: “You know when you have been drinking you have a tendency to react very violently as you did on July 28 last year.

“You have been in prison previously for an offence of manslaughter and so you know the consequences of the violence you demonstrate when you have been drinking.

“You carried out an appalling attack and the victim is lucky he did not suffer more serious injuries or even lose his life.”

The bottle attack

Sarah Allen, prosecuting at Derby Crown Court, said the bottle attack took place in the pub car park on July 28.

She said Dosanjh had been drinking vodka from it when his family had arrived to talk to him as they were concerned about his safety as he had not been in contact with them for 48 hours.

Miss Allen said: “The defendant’s behaviour switched and he became aggressive towards the victim who had been drinking vodka with him.

“He began to hit him to the face with the vodka bottle.

“The victim tried to protect himself by putting his arms up but he was hit in excess of five times by the defendant.”

Fractured jaw and broken bones

Miss Allen said help was sought from staff at the pub as Dosanjh left with his family back to his home.

She said the friend he struck suffered fractures to his jaw in two places, broken facial bones and a broken nose.

He did not make a statement to the police.

Miss Allen said a second incident, which predated the bottle attack, took place outside Dosanjh’s home on January 5 last year.

She said he went out of his house and threatened to stab a man who had parked his vehicle recovery vehicle in the street.

Dosanjh then punched the man in the face.

‘When he drinks he is a very violent person’

He pleaded guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm in relation to the bottle incident and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against the van driver.

Ekwall Tiwana, for Dosanjh, said his client was a Jekyll and Hyde character, depending on whether or not he had been drinking alcohol.

He said: “Normally he is a conscientious, hard-working, dedicated family man who is going to get married this April.

“But in these instances the demons started to prevail and when he drinks he is, quite frankly, a very violent person.”


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